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I'm Whitney and I'm so glad that you are here!  I'm a native to this area with salty veins. I have a huge love for the Ocean and all the creatures in it. Have you ever seen a baby sea turtle? The cuteness will kill you. 

If I'm not on the beach shooting your family, then I'm hanging out with my own playing on the shore. I've been married for 12 years and have two beautiful children! They keep our schedule busy with competitive swim and gymnastics meets and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a Jesus lover, quilt hoarder, and caffeine addict. For reallssss. 

I LIVE for our sunsets. That golden light just makes me swoon. Every night it is completely different and I continue to be amazed by each and every one.  I'm the photographer that you call for those in-between moments. The moment before your son jumps in your arms, that sweet dance with your spouse, or the way your daughter screams when the water tickles her toes! The little moments will always make up the big ones. Always. 

Come join me!


I have a siamese cat named Skippy Jon Jones.


I've known my husband since I was eleven.


My favorite color is turquoise.


I probably could have my own private beach with the amount of sand I have in my car.


I love crossword puzzles.


I am a Disney fanatic!


I'm simple. I shoot with one lens.


I have a green thumb.


Summer is my very favorite.


I love flamingos. Even the plastic ones.


224 Elliott Road
Mary Esther, FL

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